How to transfer the possession of a vehicle in Greece. Read more.

Transferring a vehicle ownership (metavivasi autokinitou) is a fairly basic process, which typically takes three company days to finish. The price of the transfer differs depending on the cubic centimeter of the car. The car can be moved following the treatment required either to the Transport as well as Communications Office or the Citizens Solution Center (KEP).

After sending the supporting files, the interested events or the properly accredited persons, vendor and buyer, exchange accountable declarations stating the quantity of the purchase in order to send it to the Tax obligation Workplace. Typically the transfer time is three days.

During this time, the customer can lawfully drive and insure the lorry he has already occupied, with the ministry’s secured xerox of the certificate, till he obtains the original and also the procedure is formally completed.


The supporting records required for the ownership transfer (διεκπεραιωσεις αυτοκινήτων) of the vehicle are:

Lorry IX registration (original and copy).
Existing KTEO (technical examination kind), if required to have the vehicle (initial and also photocopy).
Lorry Transfer Request.
Ownership (repayment deed) if the vendor owes the auto (bought it in installations).
Identification card or passport, seller as well as customer.
Customer’s barrel ID.
Bank paper for the settlement of the transfer fee and also the license fee of the automobile. In the declaration of factors, do not forget to indicate the registration plate of the vehicle.
Certificate provided by the competent Tax Workplace (DOY) for non-payment of traffic fees.
ATTENTION in many cases international third-country nationals will certainly likewise require to send a residence authorization in Greece.

If the sustaining records are not submitted by the individual concerned, then all sustaining files should be confirmed for signature by the nearby Authorities Department or KEP. On top of that, consent will certainly additionally be required for the credibility of the trademark together with a certified photocopy of the authorities ID or passport of the licensed person.


Interested parties most likely to the pertinent division and also submit the documents. The civil servant concerns a brand-new short-lived licence. After 7 days the buyer obtains the final and also formal permit.


Expenses for the transfer of the vehicle are birthed by the customers. Particularly, they pay the certificate fee of 75 euros and the transfer cost, which differs relying on the auto’s cubic centimeters:

EUR 30 for lorries from 51 to 400 cubic centimeters.
EUR 45 for cars from 401 to 800 cubic centimeters.
EUR 60 euros for a cars and truck from 801 to 1,300 cubic centimeters.
EUR 90 euros for lorries from 1,301– 1,600 cubic centimeters.
EUR 120 euros for an automobile from 1,601 to 1,900 cubic centimeters.
EUR 145 when the automobile is 1,901– 2,500 cubic centimeters.
EUR 205 for 2,501 cubic centimeters or even more.

Repayment of the fees is deposited in a checking account number offered by the area or KEP police officer. Do not fail to remember to document your plate number on the factor for your down payment.

With the transfer of the automobile the new owner must notify the insurer. The car insurance coverage will certainly discontinue to be legitimate thirty days after the transfer as well as the insurance provider will refund you the amount due on the days remaining to run out.

The brand-new lorry proprietor is obliged to insure it on the first day after the transfer to ensure that it will certainly not be penalized by the regulations on uninsured vehicles.